Grace Presbyterian Church
                           7 North 4th St.  Martins Ferry, Ohio  43935
                                               Ph. 740-633-2699   FAX 740-633-9624
                  GRACE is an Open, welcoming church, come and be part of it!
                             "Here we experience the inclusiveness as God intended the world to be."                                                                                                Sunday, January 23, 2022    10:30 A.M.                     

Pastor: Rev. William O. Webster, Jr.                         Pianist:  Sherry Stratton                                     Missionaries:  The Congregation

          GOD Calls Us Together For Worship
                     I rejoiced with those who said, "Let us go to the House of the Lord"  Ps. 122:1                   
                                                                                                              Video Prelude to Worship               

Welcome and Morning Announcements                   Rev. William Webster
Prelude                                                                                Sherry Stratton                     

Call to Celebration                                                                Elder, David McFarlan         L:   In all times and places I praise the Lord.

      P:  For GOD has been with me in good times and bac, 

      L:  HE has been with me through my struggles and in my triumphs.

  ALL:  The Lord answers my prayers and fills me with courage and joy.

             So I praise the Lord! AMEN.

*Hymn of Praise                    "HE is Lord"                                     Screen/ #105

Prayer of Confession of Sins and Mistakes                         

    Time for Silent Personal Prayer and Reflection
(Unison)  Loving GOD, You love us and have a plan and purpose for us.  We struggle with our purpose in life.  We have drifted through life without a defined purpose.  Turning away from You, from Your guidance and from Your teachings we have followed our own path.  While You have a powerful plan and purpose for each of us, we have neglected to follow it.  Too many times we have tried unsuccessfully to follow our own plans.  Forgive us for not trusting You with our life.  Forgive us for not trusting You with the mighty plans that You have for us and our church.  Forgive our weak faith which, has only led to our decreased distrust in You and for Your plans for us.  Today, we pray, lead us into a future free from sin and ready to serve.  For it is in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that we pray for forgiveness.   AMEN.  

The Assurance of Being Pardoned of our Sins

*The Gloria Patri                                                                 Screen


The Children's Sermon                                                                 Linda Webster

Morning Prayer and Lord's Prayer (Debts & Debtors)         

Special Music                                                     Pastor, Myron Seals                                    

We Hear GOD's Word to Us 
      "Thy Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path."  Psalm 119:105

Scripture Lesson: Mark 1:35-39                           Elder, David McFarlan

The Good News:         "WHY ARE WE HERE?"

                                             Rev. William Webster, Jr.

*Hymn of  Service             "Jesus Christ Be Praised"                #87/ Screen


     We Offer Our Gifts and Lives Before GOD

"They gave themselves first to the Lord"  3nd Cor. 8:5

An Opportunity to rededicate your life & bring your offering to GOD

Offertory  You may present your gifts to GOD in one of the three Offering Stations. 

Prayer of Dedication of our Gifts to GOD              


Special Music                                                                                                      Elder, Sherry Stratton

*Doxology                                                                                   Screen

* Blessing and Sending                                   Rev. William Webster        * Blessing Response      "Go Now and Live for the Savior"              Screen

   Postlude                                                                    Elder, Sherry Stratton

                      GRACE Church is a church with a glorious Past,   

                                            An Active Present,    And a Greater Future!

                                        Come and be part of it!

*Indicates that those who are able may stand for worship.

*We no long pass an Offering Plate.  You may bring your offering to an

  Offering Station anytime during worship.



7:00 PM