Joanie Appenzeller, Jim Archer,  Bill & Paula Benline, Myles Bettinazzi, Karlie Bowers, Lynn Brykalski, John Cameron, Joyce Cameron, Chad Chambers, Michael Conners, Wendy Benline Dean, Jim Doty, Gina Douglas, Rob Dunn, Kim Ellis, Jerri Gallagher, Karen Gavin, Kathy Harris, Residents of Wayne Hay Apt. Bldg., Wayne Hill,  Becky Hood, Lloyd Hood, Jr., Nina Von Johnson, Sarah Klempa, David Konieczkowski, Ron Kunze, Alan Marconi, Tommy Marling, Caitlin Marriott, Tanner McDaniel, Joyce &  Keith McCrea, Marian McCrea, Max Myers, Donna Neavin, Nancy Pennington,   Rita Randall,  Ethan Roberts, Ron Smith, Sr. Tracy Staats, Andrew Sorge, James Statler, Bill Stewart, Anthony Stone,  Sherry Stratton, Juanita Stuckey,  Bill Taylor, Jim Thomas, Greg Walker, Randy Walker,  Robert Walsh, Rev. Bill,  Margaret Webster, Christina Welshans, Josiah Wilke,  Jennifer Worley, Allison Wright, for our Country, our Leaders, for peace.



Addresses for our Sick and Shut-In

Joanie Appenzeller, 1000 S. Zane Highway, Martins Ferry, OH  43935

Del Rhea Bella, 64361 Shepard Rd., Bellaire, OH  43906  

Lynn Brykalski, 37950 Westwood Pl., Old Airport Rd., Woodsfield 43793

Pam Fabry, 717 Grant Ave., Martins Ferry  43935

Jane Lipphardt, Cardinal Pl., 163 Meadowpark Dr., Cambridge, OH  43725

Becky Hood-Stamper, The Meadows, 308 W. Warren Street, Cadiz, OH  43907

Juanita Stuckey, 56400 Wegee Rd., Shadyside, OH  43947

Randy Walker, 53230 Fireman's Lane, Bridgeport, OH  43912 

Margaret Webster, Sr. Suites, 101 Dorothy Pl., Apt. 206, St. Clairsville 43950 


Thank You and Welcome to Carolyn Kibble for filling in for Sherry today!

Shut In - Birthdays for May

Becky Hood Stamper - May 30th

May 29,  2022


Open on FRIDAYS at 7:00 PM.  Run and managed by Pastor Myron Seals, it  offers jazz music and a safe welcoming venue for all musical artists.  Never a cover charge or a fee.  Everyone is welcome!


Give:  To support emergency relief for those fleeing Ukraine.  If you would like to give a donation to people of Ukraine, mark your envelope with the amount you would like to donate and we will send it to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  100% of your donation will be given to emergency relief. 


June 6-10th

Odyssey in Outer Space K-5th Grades  Monday - Thursday 5-8:30 PM Friday Field Trip to Buhl Planetarium 8:30-5:00 PM

Please consider sponsoring a child for VBS.  for each $10 donation we will place a cut out of a child on the Sponsorship Board in the Annex.  Your gift will help provide a week of crafts, games, snacks, music and Bible Study for our children. Seats available on Motorcoach $25 a seat and admission to Carnegie Science Center, please see Sherry or Ida Mae if you are interested in going.


Pentecost Sunday is June 5th.  Each year we celebrate the birth of the Christian Church.  At Grace it's a big party!  Here are ways you can join the fun.  Wear red, bring a wrapped birthday gift for Grace Church.  Items like:  dish detergent, dishwasher detergent, stamps, coffee, paper towels, napkins or money which would be used towards new pot & pans.  Coffee Hour - Birthday Cake  

If you would like to order a geranium, there is a signup sheet and orders must be in today!