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Joanie Appenzeller, Jim Archer, Shannon Ballog, Sue Barath, Patty Becca,  Bill & Paula Benline, Myles Bettinazzi, Karlie Bowers, Lynn Brykalski, Frank Cabriales, Karina Cabriales, John Cameron, Joyce Cameron, Chad Chambers, Michael Conners, Janie Davies, Wendy Benline Dean, Rick Doty, Gina Douglas, Brandi Dunn, Rob Dunn, Kim Ellis, Jereme Foster, Jerri Gallagher,  John Harris, Kathy Harris, Wayne Hill, Becky Hood, David Konieczkowski, Alan Marconi, Tommy Marling, Caitlin Marriott, Tanner McDaniel, Joyce &  Keith McCrea, Marian McCrea, Max Myers, Rev. Bob Myers, Donna Neavin, Nancy Pennington,  Amanda Probst, Rita Randall,  Ethan Roberts, Samatha, Jessica Sanders, Mike Sherwood, James Statler, Robin Stewart, Anthony Stone,  Sherry Stratton, Juanita Stuckey, Mark Stuckey,  Bill Taylor, Jim Thomas, Joe Tolliver, Travis & Lorraine, Corey Vance, Greg Walker, Randy Walker,  Robert Walsh,  Margaret Webster, Josiah Wilke, Eddie Williams,  for our Country, our Leaders, for peace.



Margaret Webster, 730 Youngstown Warren Road, Niles, OH  44446.  Margaret is in room 209


Open on Fridays at 7:00 PM.  Run and managed by Pastor Myron Seals, it offers jazz music and a safe welcoming venue for all musical artists.  Never a cover charge or a fee.  Everyone is welcome.

Page Turner's Book Group

Our Book for June 22nd is "Nothing and Everything" by Linda Kay Dalton. Linda is a local author and writes about the Ohio Valley.  We meet on Zoom at 7PM.  Anyone interested in joining the book group, just call the church office for the link.

Re-threads email address  

May 28, 2023

T-Shirt Fundraiser for VBS

On the coat rack in the Fellowship Hall, there are various Christian-themed T-Shirts being sold as an additional fundraiser for VBS with a $10 each donation.  Pick the one that you love best and drop your money in the coffee can attached to the rack.  Thank you so much for all your support of this very important mission of our Church.


Vacation Bible School Meeting

We will have a short meeting for VBS workers following worship next Sunday, June 4th.


May 28th is Pentecost Sunday - when we celebrate the Birthday of the Church and the gift of the Holy Spirit.  

High School Graduate

Congratulations to Max Dunn.  Max graduated from Wheeling Park High School Class of 2023.  Max has a welding certification and plans a future as a welder.



If you would like to volunteer to help at the Legal Clinic which meets every other month, please notify the church office.  Any question, see Kay or Dave.

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