January 17, 2021


Bill Ankeny, Joanie Appenzeller,  John Barkey, Bill & Paula Benline, Myles Bettinazzi, Gale Blust, Karlie Bowers, Lynn Brykalski, Fred Burda, Michael Conners, Janie & John Davies, Wendy Benline Dean, Gina Douglas, John & Jerri Gallagher, Mary Griffith, Residents of Wayne Hay Apt. Bldg., Rosa Hill, Wayne Hill, Shawn Hodgson, Marge Hood, Sherry Kalpolka, David Konieczkowski, Ron Kunze, Bill Leach, Ed Lewis, Amy Maffee,  Alan Marconi, Caitlin, Marriott, Tanner McDaniel, Keith McCrea, Sonya Micker, Max Myers, Adam Nicheloff, JoAnn O'Toole, Nancy Pennington, Libby Rae, Rosie Rhodes, Sylvia Rhodes & grandchildren, Jim & Nancy Powell, Ethan Roberts, Mark Roberts, Doug Shafer, Debbie Shamshoun, Jack Sloan, James Statler, Bill Stewart, Anthony Stone, David Sullivan, Bill Taylor, Jim Thomas, Christa Traversa, Michael Travis, Charlene Triveri, Nancy Vannest, Karen Vargo, Ron Vargo, Greg Walker, Robert Walsh, Rev. Bill,  Margaret Webster,  Jen Wheeler, Stephanie White, Willa Wilkins,  Betty Lee Wilson, Norma Woodford, Jennifer Worley, for our Country, our Leaders, for peace.



Addresses for our Sick and Shut-Ins

Del Rhea Bella, 64361 Shepard Rd., Bellaire, OH  43906 -----------Birthday 2/10

Gale Blust, 7 Franklin Dr., Bridgeport, OH  43912             -----------Birthday 2/26

Lynn Brykalski, 37950 Westwood Pl., Old Airport Rd., Woodsfield 43793

Fred Burda, Park Health, 100 Pine Ave., St. Clairsville, 43950

Cynthia Dunn, 3002 Denwood Dr., Moundsville, WV  26041

Rob Dunn, 139 Edgwood St., Wheeling, WV 26003

Pam Fabry, 717 Grant Ave., Martins Ferry  43935

John & Jerri Gallagher, 1308 Winningham Ln., Columbus, OH  43240

Shirley Greathouse, 71075 Ayers Rd., St. Clairsville, OH  43950-Birthday 2/10

Jane Lipphardt, 67330 Ebbert Rd., #4, St. Clairsville, OH  43950

JoAnn O'Toole, Forest Hills , 100 Reservoir Rd. St. Clairsville, 43950

Becky Hood-Stamper, The Meadows, 308 W. Warren Street, Cadiz, OH  43907

Randy Walker, 53230 Fireman's Lane, Bridgeport, OH  43912

Margaret Webster, Sr. Suites, 101 Dorothy Pl., Apt. 206, St. Clairsville 43950   

                                                                                     -----------------Birthday 1/28

Norma Woodford, 71530 Ayers Road, St. Clairsville, OH  43950


Thanks to Sandy Albert for making Masks!  We are selling them for $2 each and this money is going to our Mission Pledge.  We have them on display in the annex.

if you would like to purchase one.

Scarves and Hats Clothesline Ministry

We are once again providing  Scarves and Hats and Mittens for those in need to keep warm this winter.  Thanks to the Deacons for keeping the Clothesline full!   We have recently added masks to our clothesline thanks to Connie Campbell.

Page Turner's Book Club

Join us for our next Book Discussion!  "The Prayer Box" by Lisa Wingate is our next book and we will meet on Zoom on Thursday, January 28th at 7:00 PM with Linda Webster leading.  All are welcome!


Annual Congregation Meeting is scheduled for January 24th immediately following morning worship service.  We will receive the reports for 2020.


If you would like a copy of your giving for the year 2020, please contact the church office.



7 North 4th Street

Martins Ferry, OH. 43935

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